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Theses & Projects 2006-07

Melina Booth (major concentration in Philosophy)
Cultivating Faith, Land, and Community: Exploring the Role of Religion in Hopi and Amish Agriculture
Advisor: Jeff Walker - Second Reader: Lucy Johnson

Heide Bruckner (major concentration in Global Environmental Justice)
A Family of Farmers: Broadening the scope of sustainability in the national immigrant farming initiative.
Advisor: Candace Lowe - Second Reader: Jeff Walker

Lucy Cohen (major concentration in Conservation)
Environmental Scarcity and Mass violence: The Role of the Environment in the Rwandan Genocide
Advisor: Tim Longman - Second Reader: Meg Ronsheim

Karsten Frey (major concentration in Geography)
The Composting Toilet as Necessary Technology for a Civilized Dutchess County
Advisor: Jeff Walker - Second Reader: Lucy Johnson

Ross Keogh (major concentration in Economics)
Reconnecting with the Landscape: Perspectives from the Derby Fire in the Stillwater Valley, Montana
Advisor: Sid Plotkin - Second Reader: Mark Schlessman

Hannah Mason (major concentration in Global Contexts)
Promoting Eco-Literacy, Youth Development, and Community Through Farm-based Education: Four Case Studies in the Hudson Valley, New York
Advisor: Jeff Walker - Second Reader: Chris Roellke

Colin Mew (major concentration in Biology)
Ecological Security and New World Oil Politics
Advisor: Shelley Hurt - Second Reader: Brian McAdoo

Quinn Robinson (major concentration in Biology)
Fenced Out: The Livestock Industry and the Biopolitics of Ecological Wolf Recovery in the Mountain West
Advisor: Meg Ronsheim - Second Reader: Rebecca Edwards

Erika Rumbley (major concentration in Drama)
The Poughkeepsie Community Feast: Reviving collective joy in the pursuit of the local food system.
Advisor: Gabrielle Cody - Second Reader: Candace Lowe

Kelsey Smith (major concentration in Chemistry)
Sheepdog Hill
Advisor: Jeff Walker - Second Reader: Judy Nichols

Anna Will (major concentration in Political Science)
State of the Hudson: 20 Years After the Hudson River Estuary Management Act.
Advisor: Sid Plotkin - Second Reader: Harvey Flad