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Theses & Projects 2007-08

Rachael Buhler (major concentration in Biology)
The great swamp wetland: how it led to the creation of a website
Advisor: Lucy Johnson - Second Reader: Lisa Paravisini

Joana Chan (major concentration in Asia)
Tourism in the "Country of Daughters": examining the social and environmental sustainability of tourism development in Lugu Lake, China
Advisor: Yu Zhou - Second Reader: Marshall Pregnall

Toren Elsen (major concentration in Law)
Subterranean architecture: an alternative for green homes?
Advisor: Pinar Batur - Second Reader: Brian Godfrey

Julia Fiore (major concentration in Biology)
Education towards a sustainable future: environmental education in Poughkeepsie Middle School
Advisor: Chris Roellke - Second Reader: Marshall Pregnall

Catherine Foley (major concentration in Political Science)
The costs and benefits of the outdoor recreation experience: a case study of the Adirondack Park in New York State
Advisor: Mary Ann Cunningham - Second Reader: Marshall Pregnall

Taryn Hallweaver (major concentration in Political Science)
Colony collapse disorder: a parable of modern agriculture
Advisor: Mark Schlessman - Second Reader: Michael Hanagan

Maxwell Kaye (major concentration in Economics)
The politics of wind energy in the commonwealth of massachusetts
Advisor: William Lunt - Second Reader: James Challey

Julia Landau (major concentration in Latin America)
Rethinking alternative food: immigrant farmers, inclusion, and access in small-scale agriculture
Advisor: Lisa Paravisini - Second Reader: Lisa Brawley

Caroline McKeown (major concentration in Sociology)
Pink politics: an environmental health perspective of the pink ribbon campaign
Advisor: Janet Gray - Second Reader: Marque Miringoff

Jessica Monmaney (major concentration in Biology)
From embargo to ethanol: the evolution of oil conservation policy
Advisor: Brian McAdoo - Second Reader: Jamey Challey

Roberto Muller (major concentration in Biology)
The revival of an old road, a study of an emerging tourism project within the Western Adean Cloud Forest Region of Intag, Ecuador
Advisor: Lisa Paravisini - Second Reader: Collen Cohen

Olivia Rush (major concentration in Hispanic Studies)
The Cooptation of Organic Agriculture: How Organic Has Become What it Set Out to Replace
Advisor: Leonard Nevarez - Second Reader: Lisa Paravisini

Eleanor Watts (major concentration in Psychology)
The river tracks: past and presence along the Hudson
Advisor: Paul Kane - Second Reader: Lucy Johnson