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Theses & Projects 2009-10

Sean Beckett (major concentration in Conservation)
Movement and Migrations of Northern Saw-whet owls
Advisor: Mary Ann Cunningham - Second Reader: Meg Ronsheim Consultant: Glenn Proudfoot

Alyssa Charney (major concentration in Geography)
Water access in the unrecognized Bedouin villages: restructuring the land and the people of the Negev Desert
Advisor: Joe Nevins- Second Reader: Pinat Batur

Karina Costa (major concentration in Earth Science)
Compost: breaking down the system: how Pisum Sativum responds to different food waste composting systems in a greenhouse setting
Advisor: Lynn Christenson - Second Reader: Mary Ann Cunningham

Nozomi Harris-Koizumi (major concentration in Art)
Ikibana: an environmental approach to traditional Japanese floral arrangement
Advisor: Peipei Qui - Second Reader: Mark Schlessman

Danielle Laberge (major concentration in Biology)
Removal of invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria Petiolata) and its consequences to native plants in a post-agricultural eastern deciduous forest
Advisor: Meg Ronsheim - Second Reader: Mary Ann Cunningham

Alyse Larkin (major concentration in Biology)
Algae-based biodiesel as a source of economic development
Advisor: Marshall Pregnall - Second Reader: Lucy Johnson

Rachel Lowenthal (major concentration in Biology)
Past, Present, and Future consequences for calcifying organisms in a high CO2 world: examining ocean acidification as a new field of climate change research
Advisor: Kavid Gillikin - Second Reader: Mary Ann Cunningham

Lindsay Magida (major concentration in Biology)
Reconnecting our society with nature: why we need the outdoors for our development and how we can reincorporate the environment into the lives of our children
Advisor: Meg Ronsheim - Second Reader: Lynn Capozzoli

Elizabeth Pacheco (major concentration in English)
Understanding America's first landscape gardener: Andrew Jackson Downing and his legacy at Matthew Vassar's springside estate.
Advisor: Dan Peck - Second Reader: Mary Ann Cunningham

Annamarie Paqualone (major concentration in Education)
Environmental stress on coral reefs: Research and education
Advisor: Jodi Schwarz - Second Reader: Erin McCloskey

Paul Roche (major concentration in Geography)
"A forest to grow people": Sadhana forest and community forest management in India
Advisor: Julia Huges - Second Reader: Meg Ronsheim

Stefan Schwartz (major concentration in Biology)
When spirit runs like water: the soul of fly-fishing
Advisor: Rick Jarow - Second Reader: Dave Jemiolo

Nathan Sutton (major concentration in Biology)
In defense of big tuna: the incorporation of larval quality effects into a vectoe autoregressive model improves the stock recruitment relationship for Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna
Advisor: Paul Rudd - Second Reader: John Long

Brian Waterman (major concentration in Political Science)
Making the rain follow the plow: how the federal government watered the great American desert
Advisor: Peter Stillman - Second Reader: Jeff Walker

Anna Weisberg (major concentration in Geography)
Finding a political voice through recouping food traditions: the embodiment of the path towards native food sovereignty in Tesuque farms.
Advisor: Molly McGlennen - Second Reader: Mary Ann Cunningham