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Theses & Projects 2010-11

Pablo Arenas (major concentration in Economics)
Public Perception of Tourist Development Issues: A Case Study of HolBox, QR, Mexico
Advisor: Paul Ruud - Second Reader: Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert 

Zoe Carpenter (major concentration in Political Science)
"We Can Tell Just by Looking at You If Your Spirit Is Right" Writing From Louisiana

Advisor: Amitava Kumar - Second Reader: Joseph Nevins

Sophie Courser (major concentration in Biology)
A Kearsarge Cookbook: A Practical and Intellectual Guide to Local Food in the Mount Kearsarge Region of New Hampshire

Advisor: Lynn Christenson - Second Reader: Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert

Abraham Falk-Rood (major concentration in Biology)
Heavy Metal Pollution: Bioaccumulation and Detoxification of Arsenic - How Corpinus Comatus Might be Used to Remediate Soils Contaminated with Arsenic, Particularly Those Surrounding Large-Scale Composting Facilities

Advisor: Lynn Christenson - Second Reader: Lucille Johnson

George Gao (major concentration in International Politics)
River Sutra: A Storyteller's Journey Through the Hudson River Valley
Advisor: Patricia Wallace - Second Reader: Jeffrey Walker

Elizabeth Jones (major concentration in Environmental Science in the Public Sphere)
Clouded Judgement: The Controversy Over the Effect of Clouds on Climate Sensitivity and What it Means for Climate Change Politics

Advisor: James Challey - Second Reader: Kirsten Menking

Samuel Schrader (major concentration in Drama)
Reclaiming the Pond: A Wetland Restoration Project at Wimpfheimer Nursery School

Advisor: Mark Schlessman - Second Reader: Julie Riess